Meet the Teacher

       My name is Megan Huskins! I am a first grade teacher in Ohio. I teach in a large, urban school district. I love what I do and feel so lucky to be doing the very thing I grew up dreaming of!  
     I have been teaching for 11 years.  My first 5 years I spent moving around A LOT.  I moved from buiding to building and grade level to grade level.  All that moving around was tedious, but it gave me a lot of wonderful experiences I wouldn't have had otherwise.  I have been teaching first grade for the past 3 years and prior to that I taught kindergarten for 4 years.  I love first grade!  I can't say that I don't love and miss kindergarten.  The two are very different!

     I have been at my current school for the past 6 years.  I love my school.  The building is AMAZING.  Around these parts it is called the "Castle on the Hill."

    Pretty awesome, right?!?!   

      I am married to my best friend.  We have been married for 13 1/2 years! 

     We do not have children, but we do have a houseful of furry babies!  I have two cats. Mister Cat, who we call Meeester and Belle, who we call Bean.  I also have three Siberian Huskies who keep me on my toes (Sam, Baby, and Syboh).  


     I am an Ohio girl but I despise the cold.   I live for summer and not just to be out of school.  I love flip-flops and gardening. 

        I am very excited to start this adventure of being a teacher blogger!

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  1. I left a comment earlier, but it isn't showing up. Your blog looks great! I think it'd be great to have someone to start this new adventure with. Love the border in you classrooom pictures-it looks familiar:). I am working on adding my favorite blogs, but so far so good-I hope you're finding this journey pretty painless so far too.