My Classroom

     I love my classroom!  If you read my "Meet the Teacher" page then you know that I work in a beautiful old building!  Well, being in a beautiful old building means that I have a beautiful, old classroom.  I am not talking 1950's old (nasty tile, ugly old carpet, low ceiling...) kind of old.  I am talking almost 90 years old (hard wood floors, high ceiling, original woodwork) kind of old!  Don't get me wrong this kind of old has disadvantages, but it also has charm and character!  This is the view from my doorway.

    Below you will find a picture of my computer area and our class promise board.  This board goes up every year.  The first week of school we complete our self portraits and they stay up all year long along with "Our Promise to Each Other." The self portraits always turn out super cute and add a very personal touch to our classroom!

     This next one is my birthday board.  Please ignore the hearts.  Some of their little faces were a little too clear and had to be covered.  This board also goes up at the beginning of the year and stays up all year.  The first day of school I take a picture of all my firsties in front of a tree outside.  I then add the date of their birthday (just the number of the day of the month) to the front of the picture, mount on cardstock, and laminate. The pictures are then posted under the appropriate month.  My students refer to this board often throughout the year.

     I will be posting more pictures in the near future so please check back!

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